Words on words

These voices in my head often mock me.

Sometimes they whisper sweet nothings.

Sometimes they become a torrent.

Mesmerising and overwhelming.

Sometimes they are downright stubborn

And won’t repeat a gem I’ve found awe-inspiring.

And sometimes they are loudest when

I have no way of recording what they’re saying.

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  • Ashling Murphy
    Her death won’t be just another statistic As I observe a shocked Ireland coming to grips with the seemingly random murder of a young woman, I cannot but compare this to the situation here in Italy where femicide or femminicidio, as they say in Italian, is an all too common occurence. Looking at the 2021 … Continue reading Ashling Murphy
  • Happy 2022 to my followers
    I’m pleased to tell you about the publication of “The Boxty Trail” a short story set in the west of Ireland. A return trip to their native Mayo by an elderly couple who had emigrated to Boston years previously resolves many of their differences accumulated over the years. The Boxty Trail takes them to some … Continue reading Happy 2022 to my followers

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Words on Words