Words on words

These voices in my head often mock me.

Sometimes they whisper sweet nothings.

Sometimes they become a torrent.

Mesmerising and overwhelming.

Sometimes they are downright stubborn

And won’t repeat a gem I’ve found awe-inspiring.

And sometimes they are loudest when

I have no way of recording what they’re saying.

Recent activity

  • Nail biting, a habit or a compulsion?
    On a recent, thankfully short, train journey I couldn’t but overhear a conversation between two fellow passengers, a young couple who seemed to be having a bad moment. While she hurled accusations in hushed tones, he decided to resort to nail-biting rather than replying and, from the looks of things, it wasn’t his first time … Continue reading Nail biting, a habit or a compulsion?
  • A Life For Research
    A Short Story Their field of research was ‘Screaming as Communication among humans and animals’ but they’d long been dubbed The Scream Seekers – ‘as if we were a rock band’ – Alan Meadows had once remarked. He and his psychologist wife Sonya had dedicated years to researching the interaction of screaming in the human, … Continue reading A Life For Research

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Words on Words